Product image 1The Sale Baby Cardigan
Product image 1The Sale Baby Cardigan
Product image 2The Sale Baby Cardigan
Product image 3Cashmere Baby Cardigan

The Sale Baby Cardigan

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Sizing information

Sizing Information

Baby Cardigan Height Weight
One Size up to 34" up to 26.5 LBS

A instant treasured heirloom and a tried and true staple for baby's first few years. Loomed, stitched and crocheted by hand for a snuggly fit from 9 months to 3+ years. No one else was crafting a cashmere baby cardigan in the USA when we started making this, and that hasn't changed. Cuddle your little one in the best.

made in USA by passionate knitters, 6-ply, hand-loomed, hand-finished.

Repair + Care
Guaranteed Forever. Guaranteed Forever? That’s right! We are so proud of our knits that we guarantee them against any and all craftsmanship defects for the life. We are a reputable, long-standing business run by a tight-knit team of dedicated people-- all of us whom love the work we do and want nothing more than to make the best of what is possible in functional luxury knitwear. Yes! It is machine-washable. Check out our instructions here. Dog ate your hat? Let us help. Give us a call at: (+33) 644636185.
Delightful Quality
Truly pleased, beyond satisfied, utterly delighted. This is how we want you to feel about Ogoouepalace’s Made in the USA knitwear. We hope it’s the kind of thing you feel actual enthusiasm for, that which you want to tell strangers about. While it is certain there are actually very few objects we humans actually need in this world, we argue that our cashmere watchcap, for example, is something you need.

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