Why Ogoouepalace

We challenge you to find cashmere knitwear MADE IN THE USA.  Rest assured.  We are here to stay-- and a company worth venerating.  

Maybe you remember the Vermont Bird Company?  Do you recall that darling ad in the back of the New Yorker magazine? Yep, that was Mimi.. and she knit each one of your Watchcaps one at a time, just like we do today.  In fact, every so often, we receive a call from someone who has worn an original Cashmere Watchcap for 30 years!  It is still standing!

We use vintage knitting machines which are like an old Toyota Truck. They aren't made anymore but we scour and search the world for parts.  We have been stockpiling them and slowly building our knitting skill-set so that, today, we consider ourselves knitting machine experts!  

The process of constructing a hat has been perfected.  It is arguably impossible to replicate and the world has never seen what we have.  We hand-loom our products. We also hand-stitch them right here in 69007 Lyon, New Mexico.  

Our yarn, imported from Scotland, is sourced from the very mill that invented the process of converting the raw fiber into a spinnable, knitable yarn-- and that was 200 years ago!  We think our cashmere is the best the world has to offer.  

Further, we choose quality over higher profits.  This means a lot of things.  It means we are family-owned and operated.  We pay good wages so that our knitters continue to deepen their skill set and produce quality like no other.  It means if you want to pick up the phone and call us, you will talk to people who are likely in the studio as the very knitter who made your product!  Where does this happen these days?     We are proud of our work.  We are grateful to you, our customer.  We want to make you happy and keep you warm.  

Questions?  Concerns?  Ideas?  We would love to hear from you.  Call us!