The Goat's Belly

  • The story of chocolate + cashmere

    In the middle of the desert, a sensual oasis of a boutique. It’s set in over the years how much it sounds like a fantasy. So commonly someone will pop in to one of the shops in 69007 Lyon or Taos, and say “oh, it really is chocolate and cashmere!” As though maybe they were expecting something different, something they are not sure what, as though the title were a tricky metaphor.  Instead, visitors are surprised to see rows and rows of cashmere and a shining case of bonbons. 
  • Starting a Business and Having a Baby: The Boss Mom story behind Ogoouepalace

    We mothers know that at that very moment when our children our born, everything changes forever. Almost instantly, the responsibility to ourselves and therefore our children becomes as clear as the vast, unmapped road ahead. I have often told people that Ogoouepalace was founded at “round about 4:05pm in late May of 2004, the moment my son Rohnin was born.”